Thursday, December 28, 2017

Current Ministry: Okinawa Christian School International

OCSI's weekly chapel service for high school and middle school students

Okinawa Christian School International has the vision of “Equipping students to walk with God and impact the world for Him.” Starting as a school for missionaries’ children in 1957, the school soon took on a broader scope. Today, 70% of the students have Japanese passports.

In 2006, the Billy Graham association reported, “Christians make up only about 1 percent of the 1.432 million people on the island of Okinawa and represent fewer than 200 churches averaging in size from 30 to 60.” Although a very low percentage, it is probably higher than the rest of Japan. Having students that come from a wide range of the populated areas of the island, the Okinawa Christian School International represents a fantastic opportunity to spread the message of Jesus in a very dark place.

OCSI currently serves over 300 families and has over 50 students in the pre-K day school program.

OCSI's secondary Windows computer lab

Garry’s official roles at the school includes teaching various computer applications and media design for high school classes, and keyboarding for two Sixth Grade classes. He manages the school’s website, Windows computer lab, and collaborates with teachers on their technology-related assignments. Additionally, he monitors study halls and facilitates several online advanced placement classes and college test preparation courses. These classes have given him more time to relate on a personal level with students.

In each of the courses Garry teaches, the emphasis is on developing excellent communication skills. Whether it’s designing the school’s yearbook, using emerging technology to create animated Bible stories, or helping photography students see the world in a new light, Garry is combining Biblical content with modern communication.

Garry has a Masters in Intercultural Studies from Hope International University in Fullerton and is working towards his ACSI accreditation.

OCSI's elementary library

Weiling’s main role is as a mother and wife. She serves three days a week as a volunteer at the school’s library. She has been involved in a women’s discipleship time. Weiling is still looking to expand in the ministry area and is seeking possibilities of working as a couple to make more connections.

They get along well with their teammates and deeply appreciate their supporters.

Many children and parents are committed to the school’s vision. Garry and Weiling would like to help the school move to the next step and reach out more to the community through the families of the students.