The Klines

The Kline family in Nagano Prefecture Summer of 2014
The Klines are not your typical missionary family. Weiling and Garry met while attending a secular college studying design and didn't become serious about seeking God until their first child was born. After "church shopping" for nearly five years, they found First Christian Church of Kissimmee, Florida where they were able to get their questions answered from the Bible. They owe much of their spiritual formation to the solid foundation classes taught there. 

 The call to serve the Kingdom came in 2006 and little did they know it would take them halfway around the globe. Japan is a highly modernized society steeped in ancient superstition with a strong aversion to foreign influences. Less than 1% of Japan's 127 million population are saved. As Team Expansion missionaries, the Klines endeavor to partner with "people of peace" to spread the good news of a restored relationship with God through faith in Jesus. The Holy Spirit continues to bring them into close relationships with the goal of making disciples who make disciples who make disciples. 

 When they return to America for home assignment, they often bring Japanese students interested in learning about American culture. If you are interested in partnering with the Klines in ministry, to be a host family, or are considering the call to missions yourself, please send them an email.