Thursday, November 29, 2007

Prayer:Mission Team Search

We are searching for a mission team that we can work with to establish our new ministry in Japan. We've started the search, however, it is a long process and there will be many questions along the way. It is an aggressive timetable in which to accomplish many things for this to succeed. We cannot do it alone; we can't do it without God leading the way.

Lord, please connect us with the mission team that we can share in the blessings of furthering Your kingdom's mission. Help us to ask the right questions, give the right answers, and never lose site of the vision You have given us. Make this decision less about what we want, and more about what You want. Your ways are higher than ours. May the team You've chosen for us share in Your vision for Japan and also in our enthusiasm to be a part of it. May the glimpse of Your glory that You've shown us be reflected in the way we live. In the things we say, and in the things we don't say. Listen to our hearts, Lord Jesus, and fan the flames of the Spirit you've given each of us to do Your will. Amen.