Monday, February 25, 2008

Boot camp time

We've registered for the Center for Intercultural Training camp this summer. This is like a missionary boot camp where the whole family learns how to survive on the mission field. There'll be language acquisition, sharpening interpersonal skills training, teaching English as a second language, spiritual formation and effective team leadership development. The kids will have fun as well learning what it takes to be great witnesses for the faith, how to make new friends in a foreign country, and how to adapt to their new environment. We believe this training will be instrumental in making our transition efficient and this is the first hurdle financially for us to overcome. The cost of the 9 week training program is $10,495 not including travel expenses and some weekend meals. Initially we thought that was quite expensive, but we discovered it is on par with what other missionaries have to raise support for their training as well. It's over 2 months of intensive learning and immersion in the missionary lifestyle from a team that has had great success producing effective missionaries for Christ.
If our ministry is encouraging you in the faith, to study your Bible more, deepen your walk with God, or motivated to share your faith with others - we would be honored to have you as a fellow prayer warrior, praying for our success in this new mission. If God has prompted you to help defray the costs of our preparation, we would be greatly uplifted by your blessings. Blessed be the name of the LORD.