Monday, March 10, 2008

Kentucky Fried Mission Planning

Weiling and Garry will be in Louisville, KY March 15-21 to attend Team Expansion's LAUNCH session. This is an orientation/strategy program designed for get everyone ramped up for what's going to take place between now and departure, plus setting the foundation for the work that will take place in Japan. Please pray that spirits would open to God's will and that there be unity among leadership who are responsible to nurturing this sprouting missions. May the right questions be asked and may the right answers be given during this critical gestation period. This really is the birth of something special we hope will impact many people both in Japan and the United States. May the same fire of the Holy Spirit that started the first church of Acts, be present to anoint everyone in attendance. It's no coincidence that Japanese people love them some KFC, so it's appropriate that we be in America's heartland for this training week.