Monday, May 19, 2008

Open Door to Japan

Today was our 12th wedding anniversary, and what better thing to do than share our mission presentation with the Open Door class at First Christian Church. This is really where it all started for me, as far as studying the Word of God and having the opportunity to lead a class ac couple years back. All things considered ( our lack of practice, not enough copies of the newsletter, no Powerpoint ), it went pretty well. Sometimes I think the Powerpoint and the photos can detract from the true message of the mission. So we spoke with words and our hearts and let them create the pictures.

We also had a special guest in class, Yuko - a Japanese college student staying with Josh and Glinda Cameron for 2 weeks to help at Give Kids the World. She made sure what we were saying about Japan was true! Domo Yuko-san. As a result of today's presentation, we now have over 85 prayer warriors! PTL.

Additionally, the folks of First Christian Church have bolstered our fund raising efforts for training camp by another $850! For that we are grateful. Hontouni ureshii (really happy)!