Friday, July 11, 2008

A Night of Karaoke

As mayors of CIT this week we thought it would be culturally appropriate to have our special activity to be karaoke. We bought a mic with some songs for $15, rented a couple of karaoke DVDs from Netflix, and borrowed a VeggieTales disc to kick things off. It turned out far better than we expected. We'd never done it before, but we quickly discovered that there are some hams among us. Some talented and not-so-talented folks took the stage for the fun and laughs. Best Duo Performance goes to Jeff and Rob for singing House of the Rising Sun. Best Veggie song goes to Ellissa for her rendition of Modern Major General, and best family performance goes to Brett and Maria for doing Celebration. Everyone also brought their favorite homemade dessert to share and we rocked the student center until 10pm.