Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What is a Team?

We've just started a new series here at CIT for Effective Teams and Team Leaders. We looked at our personal relational style, what we expect to have in a working team, how to work toward interdependence, and what the foundation of a mission team should be - namely that we should model our approach after the Holy Trinity.
This triune nature of God exemplifies several aspects of an effective mission team. We find in Scripture that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit share in the creativity, purpose, rejoicing, giving tasks. Each Person of the Trinity has a specific role. They do not operate in isolation, rather there is constant communion. Similarly, the Church with its many members has a specific role in working out our salvation.
Ineffective teams tend to be self-centered because of spiritual immaturity, conflict, and lack of vision. Whether one is task-oriented or people-oriented, a common goal is critical for unity and purpose to be established. We are neither a "Big Happy Family", nor "Reggued Individualists." We rely on the gifts the Holy Spirit has endowed each team member with to complete an interdependent team.
All this is to say that we hope to establish mutually beneficial relationships with our fellow teammates and nationals to have a "We" centered group, not a "Me" centered group.