Friday, February 20, 2009

Church Planting Reunion

Bart and Judy Johnson hosted a get together of folks who're connected to Japan for ministry. Most of us had attended at least one CPI (Church Planting Institute) event in the past, so it was great to reconnect. There were also a number of other missionaries there to share stories with. The guest speaker was Dan Iverson, 22-year veteran church planter serving in Chiba with MTW. He shared many stories of recent baptisms of folks who've been a part of their ministry for a long time and talked about the spiritual climate of Japan. Pictured here is Weiling and Garry with Goldie-sama (yes, that Goldie), Taylor and Sara Ward, Weiling with Meghan in the middle, Aaron sneaking more treats, Mike and Jen Costanzo, and Laura, Ellissa, and us with the honorable Dan Iverson.