Thursday, March 19, 2009

Betty Knows Best

Thanks to the Florida Christian Convention booth we had earlier this year, we were able to connect with Betty Turner for lunch. She served as a missionary in Japan for nearly 30 years! She shared many great stories about the struggles and the victories she and her husband Bill had overseas. Had it not been for little Timmy's allergies to the heat of the Philippines, they might never have moved to Japan in the first place. Tim has since gone on to pastor Machida Church where we visited with Phil and Kim during our vision trip. Betty nowadays spends time between caring for her grandson suffering from cerebral palsy and her husband who is in hospice. She is a God's girl with a great big heart and is a gifted teacher as you'll see in the video below. I couldn't pass up an opportunity to see an old-school missionary mom sharing her secrets to learning Japanese Kanji. Betty tries to visit Japan once a year, but it's becoming more difficult. Please be in prayer that God would continue to pour out His Spirit in her life and that she may continue to be a great encouragement to others. That's Seasons 52 restaurant in Orlando if you're interested in healthy dining.