Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cost of Education in Japan

Here is a breakdown of education costs for one year of schooling in Japan for one student. CAJ is the Christian Academy of Japan where we hope to enroll our children.
Elementary public: $3,423.70
Elementary private: $14,084.59
Elementary CAJ : $8,118.15

Junior High public: $4,835.01
Junior High private: $12,992.15
Junior High CAJ : $8,625.84

High School public: $5,338.80
High school private: $10,705.77
High school CAJ : $8,933.296

Please be in prayer about our transition to Japan as our children's education is very important to us. CAJ's prices above are discounted 50% for missionary families and a tremendous bargain compared to other alternatives in Japan. It may be that we have to homeschool if there is a waiting list at CAJ. Our preference is to avoid homeschooling, but God knows His plans for our family.