Thursday, March 12, 2009

Saint Young Men Manga

As I'm working on my MA degree in missions, one of my recent assignments was to interview a Japanese person and develop a ministry strategy based on their worldview. My respondent's favorite choice of reading material includes Saint Young Men. This gives you an idea of what we are facing when we move to Tokyo.

"What if Jesus and Buddha were living on Earth in modern times? What if they shared an apartment in Japan? Saint Young Men is a humorous manga about the daily lives of Jesus and Buddha, with each chapter focusing on some element of modern life, such as Disneyland, rush hour on the train, Christmas, the public pool, carnivals, and more."[source:onemanga]

It is with some hesitancy that I post the link to the English translation of it, nevertheless, I think we're all mature enough to handle it with care. Speaking of manga, several manga translations of the Holy Bible are gaining popularity in Japan. We'll post more details once we get a peek at it.