Monday, April 27, 2009

Northwest UMC Missions Conference

Words cannot express how completely amazing this weekend was. Peoria is the farthest church that supports our ministry, and Weiling opted to stay in town in order to visit Living Water, so it was just me that flew up to Illinois. It was a perfect trip even with a connection in Atlanta that had adjacent gate departure (what are the odds)? The Kyle family hosted me for the weekend in what has to be the oldest house I've ever stayed in - 101 years old farmhouse. It was great. What was perhaps the best thing all weekend was getting to share life experiences with the other missionaries. Most mission conferences bring in one or two families on a weekend, or spread them out over an entire month. Northwest opted to bring 10 missions in on the same weekend with 6 speaking opportunities. I can't express how very cool that is. It is important to reconnect with your supporters and share how God is moving in our ministry, but it is vitally important to also be able to be with other Kingdom builders who have similar struggles. Shouts to Kathy Becker, BJ and Crystal, Deron and family, the Tatum family, Brenda Lewis (missionary to India), Larry and Diana Owen, Dan Wilson, John Kunkle, and so many more that visited with me. Please check out a few of my favorite photos.