Monday, May 18, 2009

Havendale Christian Church

We met with Tom Schmitt, professor at Florida Christian College, many moons ago and have been praying about presenting to the Havendale Christian Church in Winter Haven. They gave us a warm reception and Garry spoke during the Bible Study hour and shared the platform during the worship hour. Afterwards they took up a love offering that exceeded ours and their expectations. Praise God! We especially enjoyed visiting with the many children who had many great questions about the Japanese culture such as, "How do you say 'Girls rule, boys drool?'" It took me a while to find the translation as it would be an uncommon phrase in the Japanese language, but it works out to onna wa shihaisuru, otoko wa yodare o tarasu. Thanks also to the two pages of new prayer warrior recruits, we have over 570 faithful partners in ministry. Shouts to Tom, Eric and Bobbi Jo, Martha, Riekki, Natasha and everyone who asked questions visiting with us.