Monday, May 4, 2009

South Haven's Faith Promise

The only thing that would make a record breaking faith promise better is to have a profession of faith by a new believer during the invitation. That's just what happened this weekend, so we celebrate with Caitlyn on her decision for Christ. An unofficial $23,000+ was raised, so we will wait to hear back what percentage will go to support the work in Japan, but we are definitely close to 80% of our budget now! Can I get an Amen from ya? How about an Alleluia? This is definitely exciting and our prayer is that we keep the momentum up as we come in for a landing. We'll be visiting South Haven again at the end of June for their Vacation Bible School. Shouts to the Sizemore family for hosting us, the Sitas for inviting us to the small group, the Smith's for a wonderful lunch with Weikeen and Joice (Weiling's brother and sister-in-law who live nearby). Shouts also to Erika and Erin and Amos for fun at the beach!