Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Visa Update

We just got word from Tim Turner that our initial visa application had some red flags. For my salary, I had listed our entire monthly budget rather than the more modest number that is listed as a line item on our budget. Duh. The more pressing issue is that Weiling was listed as a dependent on my application, but the letter from Team Expansion and our ordination certificate shows both of our names. Therefore we've opted to submit a separate missionary application for Weiling. Lastly, we had listed teaching English as a second language as part of our job description, so the visa office wanted proof of where we were going to be teaching and how much money that would bring in. Note to future missionary applicants - do not list teaching language on your app. Please pray that the resubmission of our corrected applications goes smoothly and that we'll get it back within the next month so we can take it to Miami in August to convert to a real visa.