Saturday, July 11, 2009

All Circuits are Busy

“A mobile is far handier than a computer for Internet access -- I seldom use a PC outside the office,” said Tokyo travel agent Takeshi, 32, who declined to give his surname.
Takeshi and other pornography fans are feeding a surge in demand for movie downloads in Japan, home to the world’s first third-generation wireless network. While profiting from the traffic, Tokyo-based mobile carriers DoCoMo and KDDI Corp. say they’ve been forced to impose limits on the heaviest users as the $74 billion network feels the strain.
Part of the problem in Japan is isolationism has become the new norm as technology helps numb the pain associated with lack of social skills and self-worth. This breeds indifference and a desire to please one's self thinking that it doesn't harm anyone. The trouble is that it becomes a viscous cycle difficult to break without a support group. Pray that we are equipped to deal with this issue as we seek to plant thriving churches in and around Tokyo.