Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Today was Coming of Age Day here in Japan, the day when all people turning 20 years of age are recognized as entering adulthood. It was also the end of the New Year festivities in which the decorations that were on display are collected and burned ceremonially. But we rejoice in even greater news that a close friend of the mission community, Katsumi-san, is one step closer to becoming a Christian! After 60+ years of being apart from God's Word which she had been exposed to as a child at a local church, she decided today would be the day that she would burn all of the idols she had in her house. This comes after much prayer on behalf of Christian friends, missionaries, and pastors whom she's interacted with, in particular Jodi Davis at SYME who led an English Bible study with her as well as Keiko-san, our dear friend and language helper. What's most encouraging is that Katsumi's non-believing husband was a major proponent of her decision!

Please join us in covering this family in prayer that their decision for salvation would come soon. There was talk about baptism in her near future.

We invite you to watch this short video that documents this rare step of faith in burning of their idols:

[video link:YouTube]