Thursday, May 26, 2011

全地よほめよ All of Creation Praises Him

Garry joined his ukulele teacher during a live performance at Apple's Live Theater on Church Street in Karuizawa. They sang Zen chi yo home yo, a worship song that Garry has been practicing in order to lead worship. It was a wonderful chance to remind people that our purpose in life is to praise God. The lyrics originated from Psalm 148:2-3
[watch video on YouTube]

Here are the English lyrics from this Hillsong classic:

Praise Him you heavens and all that’s above
Praise Him you angels and heavenly hosts
Let the whole earth praise Him

Praise Him the sun moon and bright shining stars
Praise Him you heavens and waters and skies
Let the whole earth praise Him

Great in power, great in glory
Great in mercy, King of heaven
Great in battle, great in wonder
Great in Zion, King over all the earth

Japanese lyrics:

ばんぐん の主のみつかいよ

つき よほしよたいよう

いーだーいーなー ちーかーらーとー
えーいーこーうー 王ーなるイエースに
しょーうーりーとー きーせーきーはー
シーオーンーのー 王ーイエスにーあり