Friday, March 2, 2012

Franklin Graham Shares a Message of Hope

Franklin Graham is visiting Japan

Our good missionary friend Andrew who's been serving in Tohoku since the earthquake last year tells us over the next two weeks many will be having special services for those who passed away in the tsunami.  To coincide with this time, Franklin Graham (who run Samaritan's Purse, Billy Graham's son) has come to Japan and is going to be speaking at an arena in Sendai over the next 3 days (Mar 2-4).  Many tens of thousands of people have been invited throughout the disaster area and other areas, too.  Many living in temporary housing units will be  bussed from the disaster area to the arena in order to attend the event.

Please pray for strength and wisdom for all of those involved, and that the simple gospel message of Jesus and His salvation could be clearly presented each night, and that all of those attending will listen and participate with open hearts, and that the Holy Spirit will work in everyone's heart to bring forth fruit.