Thursday, November 13, 2014

What is the good news of the gospel and how can it be shared effectively in Japan?

Simply put, the good news is, "You can have a restored relationship with God." We no longer have to rely on our own strength to fulfill our ambitions. Along with a restored relationship come many benefits such as a new life filled with hope and joy, a renewed mind and spirit and a new identity with Creator God, the maker of heaven and earth, as our Father. All of this is because of what Jesus accomplished through his sacrifice.

The Christian faith has been present in Japan for hundreds of years, though the majority of people living here have not heard or do not understand the simple gospel. Most who consider themselves Christian are ill-equipped to share their faith. "Hand grenade evangelism" in the form of Bible tracts, gospel choirs, Sunday messages, and even disaster relief have taken center stage in an attempt to spread the good news in Japan, but with very little impact. Why? Because the gospel is all about relationships, not tactics. We've put too much emphasis on getting people into church buildings, rather than getting the church body into the community; living the good news through the Spirit of God in us.

The Great Commission was not just for a handful of 1st century disciples, it's for you and me. Our mission is to make disciples who make disciples who make disciples. Unless reproduction is a part of our spiritual DNA, whatever fruit we produce will not last long. While we have committed to serving the rest of our lives for the growth of the Kingdom, we recognize that we are not alone in this endeavor. We want to work with like-minded followers of Jesus to sow the seed of the good news, in season and out. We want to help this generation of followers reach the next generation by teaching them the steps for having a restored relationship according to God's Word. You may learn more about the restored relationship.