Tuesday, June 3, 2008

CIT Day 6

Today we learned about Learning Styles and how it is not necessarily related to personality or gender. I am a high 'Concrete Random' learner which means that I'm likely to ask questions like "How much of this is really necessary?" and I like to be challenged. I don't like routine and I tend to be a multi-tasker and adventurous. Weiling is a 'Concrete Sequential' learner and that means she prefers routine, facts, and is stable and dependable. She can be a perfectionist and is not much for change. As with the DISC profile, these Mind Styles translate into something tangible we can use to integrate into a foreign culture in addition to knowing how to relate with others on the field. It also demonstrates that our children are not necessarily clones of us and are unique in their own way. We should allow them to be engaged in their areas of learning styles as well.

The rabbits here are ginormous.