Tuesday, June 10, 2008

First Christian of Marion

On our quest to find a Bank of America ATM to make a deposit, we happened upon a First Christian Church in the city of Marion north of Union Mills. We attended Sunday morning service and were excited with our experience. Everybody was friendly and the message was powerful. The end of the service concluded with an anointing with oil to bless our family and protect us on our mission. Pastor Don was gracious enough to take us out to lunch at a most excellent barbecue buffet. He also invited us back for their quarterly Western North Carolina Evangelizing Church meeting Monday night where dinner would be served and extended us an opportunity to share more about our mission. We graciously accepted and dinner was outstanding. You can't beat Southern cooking and hospitality. Weiling and I spoke for about 10 minutes and the board made the decision to send us a check to offset the preparation costs. What an unexpected blessing! God is good - ALL THE TIME.