Saturday, March 28, 2009

Karaoke Night

Had a great turnout for our first ever Karaoke Night with students from Florida Christian College. Ellissa and Weiling made authentic Japanese-style maki (rice rolls with crab, cucumber, orange peppers, avocado, and carrots), onigiri (rice balls), and cheesecake for dessert while watching the How to Eat Sushi video we featured here before. We did a few karaoke songs, played a round of the Bible Game on the Playstation, then retired to the media room to watch the first part of Love and Honor (too slow for most of us to finish), then Akihabara Geeks, and wrapped up with Train Man : Densha Otoko which met with much fanfare and cheering. Shouts to Samuel (for inviting everyone), David, Dane, Wes, Natascha, Draper, Chris, and Katie(hiding from the camera)

Japan Night at the Kline's included a selection of karaoke songs. You guys would be a hit in Japan.