Monday, March 30, 2009

Southwest Christian Church

It was an early, rainy morning to drive up to Ocala, but we were welcomed by warm believers at Southwest Christian Church. This is a relatively new congregation that has been worshiping together for the last six years or so. They have a wonderful building and plans to expand to reach the younger generation in the near future. We presented during the Sunday school hour to a good crowd and then shared the 'Sword Story' with the children during their study time. That was a special blessing for us. They were excited to see a real sword and learn about the full armor of God. One boy even gave us 50 cents to help us get to Japan and we didn't even ask! There are many folks here who have a connection to Japan and we look forward to taking them in Spirit with us on the journey. After church we enjoyed a potluck luncheon that was most tasty. Shouts to Doug, Pastor Anthony and family, Dale and so many more that visited with us.