Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Do you know the fiber man?

At long last our wait for reliable Internet service is over. We had been using a wireless signal that our neighbors graciously shared with us, but it kept dropping out all the time. It took nearly a month for the Hikari fiber installation crew to come out, but it was worth the wait. Though they claim rates up to 100Mbits/sec, I'm satisfied with the 50Mbit throughput - and that's upload and download speed. Unreal! We don't have cable or other means to get a tv signal in the mountains, so the Internet has become our media center. Ellissa looks forward to a new episode of Naruto Shippuden each Friday while I stagger at the amount of variety shows Japanese audiences watch. To get a feel for Japanese tv programs search for KeyholeTV on Google. After it's installed, scroll to the bottom of the channel list and double click the last network. The quality is poor, but like our teachers say, it will give us refined listening skills to understand Japanese speech. I find the commercials more entertaining than the actual shows. Maybe it's because I understand them better.