Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Reaching Hikikomori with the Gospel in Japan

Hikikomori is a term that has become something of a silent epidemic in Japan. Meaning outcast or shut-in, we've briefly mentioned it here before, but thanks to Jon Junker for his excellent presentation on how to bridge the cultural gap using the gospel, we would like to share some of that insight with you. On the surface, it appears that institutions are blaming poor parenting skills as the source of the problem, while frustrated parents put the blame on bullying and poor school environment. If we dig deeper, the true source of the problem stems from a cultural glitch that is rooted in several hundred years of "self" deprecating attitudes. It is not merely one million people in Japan that suffer from hikikomori tendencies as the media would have us believe. It is more likely 60-90% of the population that experience side effects of the post modern Japanese society. Here are links to two videos produced by HarvestTime TV, one of the foremost producers of Christian material in Japan. They invited noted Japanese behaviorist Yuichi Hattori to speak on the subject.
Hikikomori & Social Collapse
Bringing Christ to Social Collapse
To believers and pre-Christians alike, those that have seen this presentation agree for the most part on the real cause of the state Japan is in today. Please pray that we are further equipped to build strong relationships with Japanese people who may suffer or have family affected by this social disease.