Sunday, April 4, 2010

Christ The Lord Is Risen Today

Eight churches in the Karuizawa area came together for Easter sunrise service at Karuizawa Kuristo Kyokai. It's been about four months since we attended here, but it was refreshing to be able to understand many of the phrases from the Scripture reading, songs, and message.

救いの主は ハレルヤ!

よみがえり給う ハレルヤ!

勝ち鬨あげて ハレルヤ!

御名を称(たた)えよ ハレルヤ!

十字架をしのび ハレルヤ!

死にて死に勝ち ハレルヤ!

生きて命を ハレルヤ!

人にぞ賜う ハレルヤ!

主の死によりて ハレルヤ!

救いは成りぬ ハレルヤ!

天つ使いと ハレルヤ!

ともにぞ歌わん ハレルヤ!

(Japanese, Roman character)

Sukui no nushi wa, Hallelujah!

Yomigaeri-tamo, Hallelujah!

Kachi-doki agete, Hallelujah!

Mina wo tataeyo, Hallelujah!

Jujika wo shinobi, Hallelujah!

Shinite shi ni kachi, Hallelujah!

Ikite inochi wo, Hallelujah!

Hito ni zo tamo, Hallelujah!

Shu no shi ni yorite, Hallelujah!

Sukui wa narinu, Hallelujah!

Amatsu tsukai to, Hallelujah!

Tomoni zo utawan, Hallelujah!

Lyrics courtesy of John Kohji Suguiyama